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What is an Overlap Puzzler?

Learn more about JeorgeOkay Doug, you've explained Tri Puzzlers, Tetra Puzzlers, Pento Puzzlers, and FreeStyle Puzzlers, but you haven't explained Overlap Puzzlers yet.
That's true.
Learn more about JeorgeWell???
Alright. I'll explain them. You remember what FreeStyle Puzzlers are, right?
Learn more about JeorgeSure! The puzzles pieces can be any combination of squares, within a 5x5 area.
That's right. And the same is true for Overlap Puzzlers. The only difference is that in an Overlap Puzzler, if two squares from different puzzle pieces have the same color, they can be placed on top of each other!
Learn more about JeorgeHmmm...I'm not sure I understand that. I think it's time for you to show me a picture.
Okay. In the picture below, you have two puzzle pieces.

Learn more about JeorgeI see that...
Now look at some of the different ways they can be put together...

Learn more about JeorgeOooh! In the first example, they aren't overlapping at all, but in the others, they are overlapping in different ways.
That's right. As long as the overlapping squares have the same color, you can put them on top of each other.
Learn more about JeorgeDo you have any tips for building Overlap Puzzlers?
Absolutely! Don't have too many overlapping squares. Believe it or not, that can make the puzzle too easy.
Learn more about JeorgeReally?
That's right! Because if there are too many overlapping squares, sometimes people can solve your puzzle without even using all the pieces.
Learn more about JeorgeOoh! That's tricky! I think I'm going to go build an Overlap Puzzler now!
Have fun!

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