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Math Classroom Activity - Solving Geometric Puzzles

Learn more about JeorgeHi! I'm Jeorge, and I'll be your guide to using the Tile Puzzler website in your math or technology classroom. I'm just a dodo bird, so if I can do it, anyone can!

Tile Puzzler is a problem solving and geometry site which is great for both kids and adults. You can find puzzles on this site will challenge you, but you can also find puzzles that are just right for your students, no matter their age. And if you can't find the right puzzles for your students, you can create your own!

Whether you have enough computers for all your students to access the site simultaneously, or just one computer to share among all your students, you can make use of this site. For a computer lab setting, each student can solve puzzles simultaneously, and for single-computer-classrooms, students can use the site one by one as they have free time.

Students who use this site will learn through experience the basic geometric transformations: slides, rotations, and flips. Of course, if your students are quite young, you might want them to play in Easy Mode, which allows them to solve puzzles without rotations or flips.

How Do I Use This Site In My Classroom?

Random Play

Use the "Random Puzzle" feature to allow your students to explore the site in an "undirected" fashion. Students will not necessarily receive the same puzzles.

Read more about Random Play

Directed Play

You can choose (or create) puzzles at just the right difficulty for your students, and then assign them using the "Puzzler By Number" page.

Read more about Directed Play

Tournament Play

Tournament play allows you to obtain a report of how your students did. Specifically, you can find out which puzzles they solved, and how long it took to solve them.

Read more about Tournament Play

Build Puzzles

This is a different way of looking at things. Instead of being given a shape to fill with puzzle pieces, the students start with a blank slate and create their own shape. When they are finished, they can even swap puzzles!

Read more about Building Puzzles

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