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What is a Pento Puzzler?

Learn more about JeorgeThese Pento Puzzlers look a lot harder. Can you explain just what they are, Doug?
Sure, Jeorge. And you're right. These puzzles are (generally) harder than either Tri Puzzlers or Tetra Puzzlers.
Learn more about JeorgeNot for the faint of heart.
Learn more about JeorgeOr dodo birds.
I don't know about that. I bet you could solve these if you worked at it. Pento Puzzlers are puzzles made up of Pentominoes. And before you ask, Pentominoes are puzzle shapes made up of five squares adjacent to at least one other square on a side. There are twelve possible shapes made this way, and here they are:

Learn more about JeorgeOooh! Those look confusing! But I think I've seen them before...
Many classrooms use Pentominoes (as well as Tangrams) to help promote problem solving skills.
Learn more about JeorgeYep. They even use them in dodo bird classrooms!
Pento Puzzlers can be a source of frustration, because they can be quite difficult. But don't give up too soon - The satisfaction you get when you finally solve it is worth the frustration!

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