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Directed Play - Solving Puzzles At Tile Puzzler

Learn more about JeorgeHi! I'm Jeorge, and I'm your coach for using this site in your classroom. This is page three of the instructions for using Tile Puzzler in your classroom. Here we'll talk about the Directed Play!

On page two, we talked about Random Play, which is a very open-ended activity for a student or classroom. You may wish, however, to have specific puzzles for your students to solve. This way, you know that all your students are solving the same puzzles, and they are at a difficulty level you have specified.

Directed Play is made easy by the Puzzler By Number page. On this page, students will be asked for a puzzle number. When they enter that number, the puzzle with that ID number appears. Thus, for directed play, the teacher merely needs to give the students a list of puzzle numbers to solve.

For example: "I want you to click the "Puzzler By Number" link, and then enter the following number: 72." Or you can give the students a list of puzzle numbers. For example: "Please solve puzzle numbers 16, 31, 52, and 81."

Of course, the challenge is that you must take the time to find puzzles that are suitable for your students. You can do this by clicking one Random Puzzle after another, and writing down the numbers of the puzzles you like, or you can build your own puzzles. This way, you get to design puzzles exactly right for your students. When you finish creating a puzzle, you will be given the ID number for that puzzle; be sure to write it down!

There is one disadvantage to Directed Play. You have no way of knowing whether students really are spending their time solving the puzzles. An alternative is to host a "Tournament", which allows you to see score reports for each of your students, so you know whether they really have solved the puzzles. Click here to read more about Tournament Play.

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