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Tournament Play At Tile Puzzler

Learn more about JeorgeHi! I'm Jeorge, and I'm your coach for using this site in your classroom. This is page four of the instructions for using Tile Puzzler in your classroom. Here we'll talk about Tournament Play!

One of the difficulties of using the internet for classroom activities is that teachers cannot easily track what students are doing, and determine if they really are doing their work. With Tournament Mode at the Tile Puzzler website, you can set your students to work solving a series of puzzles (Tri Puzzlers, Tetra Puzzlers, Pento Puzzlers, FreeStyle Puzzlers, or Overlap Puzzlers), and check on their progress by viewing the list of puzzles they have completed, the amount of time it took them to complete it, the number of clicks it took to solve the puzzle, and the student's rank within the class.

In addition, students get to see high score lists for each puzzle in the competition, plus an overall high score list for the entire tournament. This sense of competition and play helps encourage students to get involved in the activity.

How Does Tournament Mode Work?

Tournament Mode is still being developed and tested. Eventually there will be a small fee for using this feature. However, while the site is under development, teachers will be able to use the feature free. If you would like to host a tournament for your class, please send an email to: dtwitchell@virtu-software.com. Once the Tournament features are tested, you will be able to host your tournament!

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