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Hardest Puzzles

This page displays the puzzles considered to be hardest on the site. Try some of these puzzles for a real challenge!

Please note that this page does not include the Unsolved Mysteries (Puzzles which have never been solved).

Title Author Style Created
all about this Anonymous Overlap Apr 12, 2007
Overlap Puzzler #2966 halo3 Overlap Dec 20, 2007
Overlap Puzzler #7106 evilneon Overlap Apr 13, 2011
Overlap Puzzler #3647 Danni Overlap Jun 4, 2008
The odd block yoi55 Overlap Feb 4, 2008
Overlap Puzzler #4680 pink Overlap Mar 25, 2009
Overlapped Pentos Jeorge Overlap Nov 15, 2006
gun cgb67 Overlap Sep 8, 2008
Overlap Puzzler #6141 Apodo Overlap Apr 27, 2010
bird's eye view of traffic cgb67 Overlap Sep 28, 2007
Overlap Puzzler #7946 pafrevert Overlap Nov 22, 2012
colorful cube cgb67 Overlap Aug 27, 2007
Overlap Puzzler #3351 arjun Overlap Feb 29, 2008
three overlapping colors in square Anonymous Overlap Dec 14, 2006
Overlap Puzzler #7695 Buster999 Overlap Mar 5, 2012
Overlap Puzzler #2825 dtdirt Overlap Dec 7, 2007
Untitled Overlap Puzzler Anonymous Overlap Jan 9, 2007
KoNfUsEd Overlap Puzzler Ali1995 Overlap May 12, 2007
Overlap Puzzler #4532 ben Overlap Mar 11, 2009
k and caz ECKC Overlap Sep 2, 2007

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