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What is a 'Rickie Puzzler'?

Learn more about JeorgeI notice there's another kind of puzzle on the site. It's called a 'Rickie Puzzler'. What's that?
The 'Rickie Puzzlers' are named after Rickie Chase, a mathematician and astronomer who...
Learn more about JeorgeOooh! Mathematician AND Astronomer? I can tell these puzzles are going to be way too hard for me!
No, I'm pretty sure you're wrong about that. They really aren't that difficult.
Learn more about JeorgeSo what makes a puzzle a 'Rickie Puzzler'?
A 'Rickie Puzzler' is made up of exactly eight shapes. The first shape is made from one tile, the second shape is made from two tiles, the third shape is made from three tiles, and...
Learn more about JeorgeOkay, I think we get the idea.
Great. And these eight pieces (which contain a total of thirty-six squares) are put together to form a six by six square.
Learn more about JeorgeSo, let me see if I've got this. Eight shapes, One through eight squares, for a total of thirty-six, in a six by six square
Wow, Jeorge! You got that exactly right!
Learn more about JeorgeCan I make my own Rickie Puzzler?
Absolutely! Just create a puzzle in Free Style mode, and design the pieces you want. It's easy to do, and they're fun puzzles to solve.
Learn more about JeorgeOkay! I'm going to go try that right now! But...I have one question first.
What's that, Jeorge?
Learn more about JeorgeDo you think maybe someday we could have a Jeorge Puzzler?
Ha! Maybe. We'll just have to wait and see.

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