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What is Easy Mode?

Learn more about JeorgeWell Doug, I hope you didn't forget, you said you'd tell me about Easy Mode another day?
Jeorge, for crying out loud, it's midnight!
Learn more about JeorgeYes. It's 'another day'.
So you couldn't wait until morning to find out about Easy Mode?
Learn more about JeorgeWell, I could, but waking you up in the middle of the night to explain things is much more fun.
Learn more about JeorgeWant some coffee?
No. I just want to get this over with.
Learn more about JeorgeOkay.
When you choose to play a puzzle in Easy Mode, the puzzle looks exactly the same as if you didn't choose Easy Mode. The difference is this: if you choose Easy Mode, all the pieces are oriented exactly as they should be to solve the puzzle.
Learn more about JeorgeI don't understand.
If you choose Easy Mode, you can solve the puzzle without ever using the rotate or flip keys.
Learn more about JeorgeOoh! That does make it easier!
Yes. Especially for smaller puzzles. But the larger the puzzle, the less helpful it is. And there's another caution about using Easy Mode.
Learn more about JeorgeOh oh. That doesn't sound good.
Well, it's no big deal, but if you use Easy Mode on the Daily Puzzler or the Weekly Puzzler, you will only get partial points for solving the puzzle. So if you're trying to be a high scorer for the month, you don't want to use Easy Mode!
Learn more about JeorgeWell, I don't think I'm going to worry about that!
And now, I'm going to explain one more thing.
Learn more about JeorgeWhat's that?
I'm going back to bed!
Learn more about JeorgeGood night! If I have any more questions...I'll let you know!

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