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What is a 'Yoi Puzzler'?

Learn more about JeorgeOkay, Doug, I see we've got ANOTHER new puzzle type added to the site!
That's right Jeorge! We just added the Yoi Puzzler!
Learn more about JeorgeWhat's a Yoi Puzzler?
A Yoi Puzzler is named after one of our site members - yoi55. Yoi has been around almost since the site started, and he always creates really interesting puzzles. So I asked him to create his own special puzzle type.
Learn more about JeorgeAnd this is what he came up with. How do you make a Yoi Puzzler?
Well, the Yoi Puzzler is kind of funny, because in order to make one, you have to be able to SPELL
Learn more about JeorgeWHAT? You have to be able to SPELL in order to make a GEOMETRY puzzle?
That's right. You need to be able to spell ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT, and NINE. Because there are nine pieces in all, and the number of tiles in each piece is equal to the number of letters in that number name.
Learn more about JeorgeFor example, piece number ONE has 3 tiles, and piece number SEVEN has 5 tiles.
That's right! And when you've created all nine pieces, you fit them together in a 6x6 square.
Learn more about JeorgeHey! That's like Rickie Puzzlers and Jeorge Puzzlers!
That's right! 36 squares in a 6x6 area!
Learn more about JeorgeAnd if I make a puzzle like that, it'll automatically name it 'Yoi Puzzler'?
That's exactly right!
Learn more about JeorgeI'm gonna go try it now!

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