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Why Did My Puzzle Disappear?

Learn more about JeorgeDoug, I've got a question for you.
What's that Jeorge?
Learn more about JeorgeSometimes I notice that there are missing puzzles from the site. Someone creates a puzzle, and then a few minutes, or a few days later, it's gone. Why does that happen?
Well, Jeorge, it only happens to a very very small number of puzzles, but there are a couple reasons why it might happen. First, I periodically glance through the "Easiest Puzzles" list and remove the ones that are too easy.
Learn more about JeorgeToo easy? What do you mean by that?
An example of a puzzle that's too easy would be a puzzle that uses nothing but straight blocks to create a rectangular shape. You don't even have to think to solve that one.
Learn more about JeorgeOh yeah, I've seen a few of those!
That's right. A lot of people think it would be cool to create one of those, and the don't realize that fifty other people have already done it!
Learn more about JeorgeI suppose a puzzle where none of the pieces are touching each other...
That's right...those are too easy also.
Learn more about JeorgeWhat's the other reason why a puzzle might disappear?
Well, Jeorge, you know there are some pretty odd people in the world, and some of them think it's funny to title their puzzles with swear words.
Learn more about JeorgeReally? That is pretty strange.
Yeah, it sure is. Those puzzles generally get deleted as well.
Learn more about JeorgeCouldn't you just change the title?
Sure, I could. But why bother? If someone is going to be discourteous and disrespectful to me, I'm certainly not going to waste my time in order to keep their puzzles on my site.
Learn more about JeorgeBut sometimes puzzles get deleted when they aren't too easy, and they don't have swear words. What is the reason for those?
Well, usually when I find a puzzle that's titled with a swear word, I just delete all the puzzles created by that visitor, because it's a lot easier than going through and checking all their puzzles individually.
Learn more about JeorgeBut what if they spent hours making puzzles??
*grins* Well, that would be a pity for them, wouldn't it?
Learn more about JeorgeIn other words, that's the consequence of being discourteous and disprespectful on the site?
You got it, Jeorge!

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