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What is a 'Box Of Pi' Puzzler?

Learn more about JeorgeHey Doug, thanks for letting me invent a new puzzle and name it after myself - the Jeorge Puzzlers!...
You're welcome, Jeorge. Why do I have the feeling you've been up to something else now?
Learn more about JeorgeOoh, you know me...always up to something! I just created another kind of puzzle! I'm calling it the "Box Of Pi"
Eh, you mean, Box Of Pie?
Learn more about JeorgeNo! A Box of PI! As in, 3.141592...
Okay, okay! I get it! So how do you make a "Box Of Pi"?
Learn more about JeorgeWell, to make a Box Of Pi, you need to use nine puzzle pieces. The first one has an area of three square units. The second has an area of one, then four...
I see where you're going with this! 3,1,4,1,5,9,2,6, and 5! The digits of PI!
Learn more about JeorgeThat's right! And you have to make them in such a way that they can fit into a 6x6 square.
Which is why you call it a BOX OF PI, huh?
Learn more about Jeorge That's right! And here's a sample for you: Box Of Pi Puzzler
So, folks can give it a try, and then create on of their own!
Learn more about JeorgeYou've got it!

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