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Why should I create a confirmed membership?

Learn more about JeorgeDoug, you promised you'd explain why it's good to create a confirmed membership.
Yes indeed. Some features of the site are available only to people who have confirmed their membership account by providing an email address.
Learn more about JeorgeFor example?
For example, you can't solve the Daily Puzzler or the Weekly Puzzler if you haven't provided an email address
Learn more about JeorgeOh! That would be a bummer!
Indeed it would! The other thing is that only people with confirmed membership accounts can post comments in the discussion forum.
Learn more about JeorgeAnd what if someone created an unconfirmed membership, and they want to confirm it?
In that case, they should go to their Member Page and click the Email Icon. That will let them add an email address to their account, and thus make the account confirmed.
Learn more about JeorgeSo someone could create an unconfirmed account at first, and then when they realize how much fun the site is, confirm the account?
That's exactly right, Jeorge!

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