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What's the difference between confirmed and unconfirmed membership?

Learn more about JeorgeOkay Doug, you owe us all an explanation here!
I do?
Learn more about JeorgeYes! You put this thing called "unconfirmed membership" on the site, and you never explained what it means.
Oh, sorry about that, Jeorge. Well, when you create your membership account, you'll have the option of creating an account without giving your email address. If you do that, your membership is "unconfirmed"
Learn more about JeorgeI like that! I don't like giving people my email address!
Jeorge, don't be silly...you've already plastered your email address all over this website...
Learn more about JeorgeOh yeah. But still, lots of people don't like giving out their email addresses.
That's right. And the "unconfirmed membership" is especially useful for school teachers who want their entire class to register, but don't want them to have to give an email address.
Learn more about JeorgeSo, why would someone create a confirmed membership account if they could create an unconfirmed membership account?
Because some features aren't available to unconfirmed members.
Learn more about JeorgeLike what?
Hmmm...I'll tell you another time. Right now I need to go solve the Daily Puzzler!

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