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Tile Puzzler

Tile Puzzler is an online puzzle game which includes several variations on Pentomino puzzles, including a Tri Puzzler, a Tetra Puzzler (using Tetris pieces), a FreeStyle Puzzler using non-standard pieces, and a special Overlap Puzzler in which shapes are permitted to overlap on identical colors.

Congratulations to Yesterday's High Scorer: Phantom!

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The Daily Puzzle

Every day Tile Puzzler has a new daily puzzle selected from the archives of puzzles created by our visitors. Click here to play the Daily Puzzler, or click here to view today's scores!

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If you would like to have the site pick a puzzle for you, click the icon to left. The puzzle you receive may be of any style or difficulty.

Build Your Own Puzzle!

Click the icon to the left to start construction. When you are done, you can send your friends a link to the new puzzle!

Puzzler By Number

If you know the ID number of the puzzle you want to solve, click the icon to the left. Use this feature if a friend gave you the number of a puzzle they created!

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